Attitude more important than Talent in Cricket

Attitude more important than Talent in Cricket

Attitude more important than Talent in Cricket

Attitude more important than Talent in Cricket

In a country where more than half the population watch Cricket and where every young kid dream about playing for the nation it is a pity that young players are not well mentored. We have seen many aggressive players in the Indian Cricket, even one of their most successful captains Saurov Ganguly is known to be aggressive so is the recently appointed captain Virat Kohli. But there should be controlled in any sport where you do not cross the line and hurt other players self respect. It is expected the Team management and the board will take care of players behavior both on and of the field but it seems Indian team is not serious about this. Attitude more important than Talent in Cricket!

Indian Cricket Team is loved all around the globe and has very competent teams in all forms of the games in all categories of recognized Cricket. Even their Under 19 Cricket team is very competent and has many talent players from different parts of the nation. It is well known that Teenagers tend to be aggressive and often go out of control in their celebrations after taking a wicket or breaking a record. But with mentors coming into play from age groups its expected that young players are taught how to hold their nerves and concentrate on their performances than being more expressive and go of control.

Indian Under 19 team is fortunate enough to have a mentor none other than the ever cool Rahul Dravid and under his guidance Indian Under 19 Cricket Team has performed so well, although they could not win the World Cup which took place last year there were many notable performances and under Dravid players have improved a lot both technically and as persons. But it does not seem to be same with few players who has played for the Indian Under 19 Cricket Team and there was a recent incident where two Indian Under 19 Cricket players were in a cold war.

Cold War between Ishan Kishan and Vikas Choudhary

It all started when Ishan Kishan broke Vikas Choudhary‘s and #SaktiSingh record for Most Sixes in an innings by hitting 14 sixes.

Ishan Kishan broke Vikas record but got into controversy

Cold war between Vikas and Ishan Kishan


The comments by the players were not appreciable, where Ishan saying those words even after knowing the fact why Vikas has not been active what he has been through all these years did not sound good for a player who has played under Vikas who has been a mentor and good friend.

My friend @imvchoudhary hasn’t quit with Cricket, who all are saying tis should respect him. I believe he will be back in team #GetawellSoon

Vikas Choudhary is an exciting talented cricketer playing for Delhi, his cricketing career growth is halted because of health issues as he was down by blood cancer few years ago. His health has been improving and he is back into action. But the comment made by Ishan did hurt Vika’s fans and well wishers. Form and health should not be related ever in a sportsman’s life. Ishan Kishan should apologize or talk in person to his good friend and wellwisher Vikas Choudhary.


We wish Vikas will get better soon and reclaim his record for most sixers soon, he is such an attacking batsman who is ever consistent whenever he got a chance to play the game he loves.

Attitude more important than Talent in Cricket

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